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Stonebridge Farm was started in 1995 as a "boutique" Standardbred breeding farm by Angie Stiller, the President of the operation, and her husband Cal Stiller. It is located in Arva Ontario on a picturesque property cut into the rolling hills of southwestern Ontario on the site of a previous Egyptian-Arabian breeding farm. Winding through the property is Medway Creek, a branch of the Thames River, protected by large stands of historical forest. The farm utilizes small paddocks with frequent rotation and a 2/1 pasture rest-to-use ratio that optimizes parasite control while still giving the yearlings and foals adequate room to run and play. Water is derived from drilled wells that yield a mineral-rich water from the limestone bed sub-terrain streams, ideal for livestock. Paddocks are analyzed regularly and re-energized twice yearly, with scheduled maintenance of cutting and harrowing. Fences consist of oak boards with electrical containment to assure containment and discourage "testing" the limits by the young and lively yearlings.

Stonebridge Farm

Location And Schedule:

186 Leonard Street, Acushnet, MA 02743
June - October Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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