Grow, Sell & Eat Local!

Bend Farmers Market is blossoming into one of Oregon’s leading farm–direct marketplaces, bringing together growers and producers with people who hunger for fresh, local, healthful foods and agricultural goods. The Market occurs twice a week at two locations. We’ve also continued to reach out to the community as the first farmers market in Oregon to launch a Farm to School program. Working with the Bend–LaPine School District, Bend Farmers Market products are being incorporated into the school lunch program, students are learning about nutrition and healthy eating and experiencing a deeper connection to food sources through farm visits, gardening and recycling programs. Farmers also benefit from access to a new market and the opportunity to educate kids about local food and agriculture. Thanks to the support of our customers, vendors and community, Bend Farmers Market is growing, thriving and feeding the need for wellness.

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Top of Mirror Pond off of Franklin Downtown Bend, Bend, OR 97701

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Other Farmers Markets In Deschutes County, OR:

437 SW 9th Street Redmond, OR 97760