Grow, Sell & Eat Local!

For centuries, open-air markets have been a major part of life worldwide and this trend continues to grow. Just before the markets open, the air would be filled with excitement and anticipation as the merchants and street vendors would come together put out their finest. Farmers would provide fresh unique produce and ranchers would bring all that the mind could imagine, the freshest of seafood and the artists, crafters, cobblers and textiles would provide everything from pots & pans to beautiful silks. Everything one could want or need could be found at the markets. We are striving to bring our markets back to the old-world style where if you grow it or make it, you have a place to sell it. A place with great varieties of fresh produce, wonderful handmade crafts and beautiful works of art. Something for everyone. Our markets are magical and have a wonderful renaissance feel to them. Each is located in a unique setting that adds its the ambiance. Most of our vendors work on a smaller scale, this allows them to give greater attention to everything they create, produce or grow, they work from a place of passion and this is seen in their faces, their eye's and most importantly, what they bring to the markets. We welcome all to our markets, bring your favorite chair and listen to live music, do your mid week or weekend shopping, eat gourmet foods, ask questions from the folks who are growing your food and about their practices or if they have a favorite recipe for what they grow. Unique fine arts and crafts at unbelievable prices and one of a kind items, come on down and enjoy the festivities.

Windance Farmers Market and Arts Windance Open Air Market, bringing unique fine arts and crafts, fresh fruits and vegetables to the urban jungle, all at unbelievable prices. Come on down and enjoy the festivities.

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Cascade Locks Mall, Cascade Locks, OR 97014

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Other Farmers Markets In Hood River County, OR:

20 Miles SW of Eugene near Lorane Eugene, OR 97031

1602 May St. Hood River, OR 97031

5th and Columbia Hood River, OR 97031